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How Ivan Martinez Turned a Dream Into a Multi-Million Dollar Empire

Have you ever dreamed of becoming successful?

Many of us grew up dreaming of what it would be like to drive a fancy car, travel the world, eat the finest cuisine, live in a mansion, wear designer clothes, and have the nicest jewelry. However, for most people, this fantasy never becomes a reality.

Ivan Martinez, on the other hand, was one of the few who made his dream a reality through hard work and determination! In ten short years, Ivan went from a university dropout to a multi-millionaire entrepreneur.

Recently we got a chance to interview Ivan to learn more about his incredible story.

Have you always wanted to be an entrepreneur?

Yes! Making money and building businesses have always been something I’m drawn to. It started when I was very young. When I was in school I would sell things like candy, clothes, food, or even cell phones to make some money. For me it was simple, I realized that people wanted things and if I could help them get those things I would make money. Simple as that.

When do you start your Network Marketing career and how quickly did you find success?

I got involved in the industry while I was still in University. At the time I was studying marketing and business so it seemed like it was a perfect fit. However, I was a terrible student and also a rapper at the time so people wouldn’t take me seriously when I tried to share with them a “business opportunity”. In my first year, I never made any money. However, through hard work and determination, I eventually began to figure it out and find some success. However, I hadn’t fully committed to the industry yet. A few years into my journey I decided to try out a couple of other industries. I started my own car wash which ended up failing miserably, and also attempted politics. While I was good at being a politician, I didn't enjoy the work so I quit and decided to go all-in with Network Marketing about a year ago. That’s when everything changed for me.

What do you mean when you say “everything changed” for you

Everything changed because my partner and I went from earning nothing to over $200,000 per month in 1 year!! We now have teams in Japan, Italy, USA, and of course South America so we’ve been able to impact people's lives all over the world! Not only has it changed our lives financially but it’s also reinvigorated every other aspect of our life! We feel not only successful financially but also emotionally because we know how many people we are helping all around the world!

Why do you think you have found so much success and others fail?

A major part of my success is due to my ‘big why’ the way my parents raised me. My ‘big why’ is my daughter Ivanka! There were many times I wanted to quit along the way, but I knew if I quit, I would not only be hurting myself but also my daughter and my wife which wasn’t an option. My daughter is my motivation to succeed and without her, I wouldn’t be where I am today. Also growing with a mom who was an NLP coach and my father is a businessman so growing up was a big advantage. I was taught things most people never learn. One of those things is the power of the mind. I consider myself a student of mind and spend time daily learning more about it! I also study communication and consciously practice humility. I often see more in people than they see in themselves and one of my gifts is the ability to help people realize their potential.

According to you and your partner are now in the top 100 earners of the 200+ billion dollar Network Marketing Industry. What’s next for you?

Now it’s time to help our team get on that list as well! I’m so proud of what we’ve been able to accomplish, but it’s all thanks to SKYTEAM!!! ! They work hard every day and over the next few years there is no doubt in my mind the top 100 earners list will not only have our name on it but the names of our SKYTEAM leaders as well!

What are the principles you taught to the SKYTEAM that have caused it to grow so quickly?

Humility and honesty are the cornerstones of everything we do. Being humble doesn’t mean you lack confidence though. Being confident is an important ingredient of success. Being humble means thinking less of yourself, not thinking of yourself less. Being humble means you put the team before yourself because if you help enough other people get what they want, you’ll get everything you want and more! Being honest is also a key ingredient to our success. It’s the starting point for success. Without honestly, there is no trust, and without trust, there is no team.

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