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How A High School Basketball Coach Became A Top Producing Insurance Agent with Family First Life USA

From twelve years of coaching high school basketball and a minor stint in networking marketing, Steven Yee is now a top producer and successful agency manager with Family First Life USA. He was able to enter FFL’s Hall of Fame by writing $400,000 worth of insurance on his own, all while building a $1 Million dollar a month agency. This puts Steven in the top 1% of the entire life insurance industry.

Steven’s journey started three years ago when he met Family First Life USA founder Andrew Taylor in California. He admired the lifestyle Andrew had created for himself through Family First Life, which motivated him to get licensed and join the FFL team.

Steven has always enjoyed helping people, however, the income from his previous experiences was atrocious. He saw life insurance sales as both a path to financial freedom and a way to coach others. Family First Life now allows him to make more in a month than he used to make in an entire year.

Being so jaded with the network marketing industry, Steven had two requirements before jumping on board. His first was the ability to earn $100,000 without ever talking to friends and family. His second was the opportunity to make $100,000 without recruiting a single person. Steven was able to achieve all of this in just five (5) months.

In his first year, Steven earned over $132,000 while only working part-time. In his second year, he earned $240,000, and in his third year he brought in $404,000! Steven and his team of agents now deposit $1 Million worth of commissions every month.

What he loves about FFL is the system they have in place for brand new agents to make $20,000 within their first 90 days of getting started. There is never a need for agents to ever sell to their friends or family because Family First Life offers qualified warm buyer leads. This means no cold calls or harassing loved ones for business. FFL offers free high-level training from top producers. They also have no initiation fees to join the company and agents do not have to sign a contract to work with us.

Here at FFL an agent can achieve this level of success regardless of gender, ethnicity, age, or education. The only true requirements are dedication, the ability to be coached, and having an above-average work ethic.

With the income he’s earned from working with Family First Life, Steven has been able to retire his wife, Janell, from the workforce. Janell is now a stay-at-home mom raising their beautiful daughter. Together they have purchased their dream home and created a comfortable future for their family. Now they can make important life decisions without worrying about the financial burden.

Steven Yee is one of Family First Life USA’s up-and-coming agents to keep an eye on. He continues to coach new agents so they can earn up to $40,000 per month for their families while mentoring them on how to build a successful life insurance business of their own.

About Family First Life USA

FFL USA is a sub-agency of Family First Life that was founded in 2013 by Andrew Taylor. Family First Life USA provides a full spectrum of insurance products to clients nationwide. In 2021, FFL USA expects to produce more than $175 million of annualized paid premium in the final expense, mortgage protection and annuity markets, while helping more than 200,000 Americans with their life insurance and annuity needs.

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